author        = "Agreda Fortuño, María and Ayensa Vázquez, José Ángel",
      title         = "{Taller de lactancia materna}",
      year          = "2013",
      note          = "Breastfeeding is considered by the OMS to be the perfect
                       food for babies for the first 6 months of life although
                       people are now stopping early due to the lack of
                       information and promotion, physical complications or for
                       social reasons that need time to resolve. As a result
                       people are abandoning breastfeeding. Considering the
                       importance of the child’s and mother ́s health and our
                       responsibility in regard to care and nutrition, information
                       has been gathered on breastfeeding, potencial problems
                       handling of the theme which will be transmitted within an
                       educational health programme. This program has the objetive
                       of enabling parents to follow the correct way to breastfeed
                       in accordance with current recommendations. All of this
                       resulting in an improvement in breastfeeding.
                       Breastfeeding, newborn, Health Education.",