author        = "Goñi Osácar, Elena and Postigo Vidal, Raúl",
      title         = "{Plan Territorial Estratégico de Turismo para el
                       Municipio de Daroca:  Análisis y diagnóstico
                       territorial.Líneas y propuestas estratégicas para
                       impulsar la internacionalización del destino.}",
      year          = "2014",
      note          = "The aim of this study is to elaborate the basis document
                       of a Territorial Strategic Plan of Tourism  for the
                       Municipality of Daroca which serves primarily to develop a
                       sustainable  tourism destination model and, at the same
                       time, promotes Daroca as an international rural destination
                       and increases the number of visitors from other countries.
                       The methodology followed to develop the Plan is based on
                       detailed analysis of all the subsystems that make up the
                       territory ( physical system, protectional system,
                       relational system, population system, productive system and
                       tourism system) and the territorial-tourism diagnosis of
                       Daroca that allows to determine the strategic axes,
                       objectives and measures in which it is necessary to work to
                       reach the tourism development  according to the proposed