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000016427 24500 $$aThe Representation of Masculinity in Daniel Craig's James Bond Films
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000016427 520__ $$aThe Representation of Masculinity in Daniel Craig’s James Bond deals with how the three films in which Daniel Craig has played the role of Agent 007, a.k.a. James Bond, have changed with regards to previous films in the long-running saga. This means this essay will deal with the films Casino Royale (Campbell 2006), Quantum of Solace (Forster 2008) and Skyfall (Mendes 2012). The essay centres on the Old Man/New Man/New Lad theory of masculinity, which states that men are represented and behave according to three perspectives of masculinity: the Old Man is the traditional, rugged man; the New Man is usually more sensitive, and the New Lad is often immature and boisterous. The character of James Bond has had a development along the years, combining many features of the Old Man and some of the New Man. Recently, though, a little of the New Lad has leaked into the representation of the character. I will look at elements such as respect to authority, sexuality, profession, identity, control of technology, consumerism and nationalism, comparing how they appear in the three films analysed and how they are represented in the previous ones. With this in mind, some changes in the attitudes and tastes of the public might be brought to the fore. The essay will deal with questions about Bond’s possible misogyny, his roguish behaviour, the presence of believable villains in his films and the growing explicitness of sex in the later films, among others.
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