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000001990 037__ $$aINPRO--2009-028
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000001990 100__ $$aMitrovic, Nikola
000001990 245__ $$aPerformance analysis of an adaptive user interface system based on mobile agents
000001990 260__ $$c2007-05-01
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000001990 520__ $$aAdapting graphical user interfaces for various user devices is one of the most interesting topics in today's mobile computation. In this paper we present a system based on mobile agents that transparently adapts user interface specifications to the user device' capabilities and monitors user interaction. Specialized agents manage GUI specification according to the specific context and user preferences. We show how the user behavior can be monitored at runtime in a transparent way and how learning methods are applied to anticipate future user actions and to adapt the user interface accordingly. The feasibility and performance of our approach are shown by applying our approach to a nontrivial application and by performing tests with real users.
000001990 6531_ $$aadaptive GUI's
000001990 700__ $$aRoyo, José Alberto
000001990 700__ $$aMena Nieto, Eduardo
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