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000001991 100__ $$aMena Nieto, Eduardo
000001991 245__ $$aA Software Retrieval Service based on Adaptive Knowledge-Driven Agents for Wireless Environments
000001991 260__ $$c2006-09-01
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000001991 520__ $$aThe ability to retrieve software in an easy and efficient way confers competitive advantage on computer users in general and, even more especially, on users of wireless devices (like some laptops, PDAs, etc.). In this article, we present a software retrieval service that allows users to select and retrieve software in an easy and efficient way, anywhere and anytime. Two relevant components of this service are: 1) a software ontology (software catalog) which provides users with a semantic description of software elements, hiding the location and access method of various software repositories, and 2) a set of specialist agents that allow browsing of the software catalog (automatically customized for each user), and an efficient retrieval method for the selected software. These agents automatically adapt their behavior to different users and situations by considering the profile and preferences of the users and the network status. In summary, our software-obtaining process based on an ontology and autonomous and adaptive agents presents a qualitative advance with respect to existing solutions: our approach adapts to the features of users, relieving them from knowing the technical features of their devices and the location and access method of various remote software repositories.
000001991 6531_ $$ainformation storage and retrieval
000001991 6531_ $$asystems and software-distributed systems
000001991 6531_ $$aartificial intelligence: distributed
000001991 6531_ $$aDistributed Information Systems (SID)
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000001991 700__ $$aRoyo, José Alberto
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