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Book BOOK--2009-009

Portada(s) Libro

Portada(s) Libro

E-government and digital inclusion

Cesare Maioli (ed.)


Editor: Zaragoza Prensas Universitarias(2008)
ISBN: 978-84-7733-552-8

Serie: LEFIS

Resumen: LEFIS organized a meeting in July 2007 in Jaca (Spain) to discuss the status and the perspectives of e-Government especially applied to the legal aspects of society. As it is known the potential benefits of e-Government are numerous and they include greater efficiency, improved public services, enhanced engagement with citizens. Yet progress has been relatively slow, particularly when compared with other sectors such as e-Commerce. From the presentations of some experiences focused in particular on digital divide, e-Participation, form of government, role of citizens, planning methodology in proposing solutions for citizens, the book highlights some problems and solutions to help overcome barriers.

Palabra(s) clave: Electronic government ; Digital inclusion ; International

Descripción física: 136 pág.
Área de conocimiento: Filosofía del derecho
Departamento: Derecho Penal, Filosofía del Derecho e Historia del Derecho


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