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000004328 245__ $$aEvaluation of three consolidants in Miocene sandstones of the Ebro Basin
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000004328 520__ $$aThe aim of this research was to examine the effects of three consolidants on sandstone traditionally used in the Spanish region of Aragon for building purposes. The three stones studied belong to the Miocene age and are found in the Ebro basin: Ayerbe, Uncastillo and Alcañiz sandstone, all extensively used and of historical importance in the architectural heritage of the region. The conservation products used were Paraloid B-72 (metacrylate and etylmetacrilate copolymer), Bersil (lithium-silicate) and Betolin (potassium-silicate). These products were tested on 5 cubic centimeter stone samples using two techniques for each: total immersion and brushing. Each sandstone type reacted differently depending on the consolidant and on the application form. Since the consolidant action of a product depends on the geometrical configuration and mineral composition of the stone studied, the results provide the basis for an assessment of the potential of these stones for their use in construction and restoration.
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