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000004329 245__ $$aI Sali Negli Interrventi di Restauro: Cartografía e Diagnostica
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000004329 520__ $$aA correct scheduling for a conservation treatment always needs a preparatory phase of diagnostic research. The results reached in the restoration research in the last years, drove us carrying out a comparative work, gathering together laboratory experiments and practical restoration placing. Main problems faced are related with salt crystallisation and connected pathologies, most particularly on the relationships between porous systems of some particular construction materials and their internal salt distribution. The results highlight the main behaviour differences between macro and microporous systems. In macroporous system, salts are concentrated both in the core and on a peripheral ring close to the surface. Microporous systems instead show a more uniform distribution of salt concentration throughout the interior, often following stratification surfaces. Laboratory experiments made on construction materials with different porous systems, which are set in contact, show that salts always migrate from macro to microporous samples. This is confirmed in the cases observed in both the cathedral of Tudela and in the dome of the Basilica de El Pilar in Zaragoza. In the first case salt migration goes from sandstone (macro) to limestone (micro). In the second case it goes from mortar (macro) to brick (micro). New salt cartography techniques are also being implemented: non-waste salt maps are being made on Goya’s fresco paintings, using hydroxipropilcellulose and Japanese paper. Also, as in the case of geological sections made from well-log data, serial test drillings have been made to show the salt distribution inside the wall.
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000004329 773__ $$g(Sept 2006), pp. 123-128$$p$$tLe Risorse Lapideedall'antichità ad oggi in Area Mediterranea$$x
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