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Socrates and Confuncius: a long history of information technology in legal education

Paliwala, Abdul (

Publicado en:
  A history of legal informatics
  Lefis Series Vol 9,num (2010),pp.225-254

Resumen: This chapter examines the history of technology in legal education and considers the ways in which the sages Socrates, Confucius and the medieval inventors of the lecture have been the iconic stimulators of methodologies of eLearning. It argues that earlier ventures into information technology in legal education were influenced either by the Langdellian/Socratic ‘case method’ or the ‘lecture method’. Subsequent more innovative forms of eLearning have been inspired by the student centred and holistic Realist, Deweyan methodologies which have similarities with Confucian methodologies.

Idioma: Inglés
Departamento: Derecho Penal, Filosofía del Derecho e Historia del Derecho

Palabra(s) clave: Socrates ; Confuncius ; Information technology ; Legal education


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