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000057106 100__ $$0(orcid)0000-0002-2291-1409$$aBelanche, Daniel$$uUniversidad de Zaragoza
000057106 245__ $$aRebuilding public trust in government administrations through e-government actions
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000057106 5203_ $$aCitizen trust in the public administration has been reduced worldwide due to recent events such as the current economic situation, corruption cases or disclosure of classified information. This work analyzes whether e-government related actions could be strategically employed to increase citizen trust in the public administration. This research confirms that perceived quality of public e-services has a positive effect on trust in the public administration. In turn, public administration communication (i.e., campaigns to promote the benefits and use of e-government) only influence trust in the public administration for citizens with a favorable attitude towards e-government. These results have interesting implications suggesting in which ways public administration should invest their limited resources in order to recover the levels of citizen trust.
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000057106 773__ $$g19, 1 (2015), 1-11$$pRev. esp. investig. mark. ESIC$$tRevista española de investigación de marketing ESIC$$x1138-1442
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