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000057748 100__ $$aTorres Barchino, Ana
000057748 245__ $$aThe need and experience of drawing with ingenuity. an analysis of the graphic practice in architectural education
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000057748 5203_ $$aThe difficulty of teaching drawing during the first college stage, in visual arts, is clearly laborious, but not impossible. We know about students’ immaturity at the beginning of architectural learning and we know what professors in schools of architecture can offer them in relation to their drawing needs: increase their ability to think, feel, and their creative abilities, curiosity and ingenuity. But we do not intend to indicate the best method, but rather to reflect on the fact of the drawing itself, and how it is possible to discover its enigmatic part and necessity through three sketches. First: phonetic diversity; second: need of drawing what we see; third: ways of drawing with ingeniuty. This study is completed with an analysis of the early drawings in architectural education and the graphical maturity reached after an academic year.
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