author        = "Mateo Pardo, Javier and Pueyo Campos, Ángel",
      title         = "{Rehabilitación y regeneración urbana: propuesta de un
                       sistema de indicadores para la valoración y diagnóstico
                       de espacios degradados.}",
      year          = "2016",
      note          = "The expansionist model of last years of the city of
                       Zaragoza, joined the arrival of the economic crisis, has
                       generated a series of negative impacts in the urban
                       consolidated fabric. The traditional neighborhoods are
                       experiencing a series of processes tied to the noticeable
                       demographic aging, the concentration of some population
                       groups and the devitalization of the urban fabric. If no
                       rehabilitation measures are taken, there is a risk of
                       favoring the development of the urban fragmentation
                       processes.  For the sake of this problem, it is necessary
                       to develop a system of indicators capable of evaluating and
                       diagnosing degraded spaces from a multiscalar and
                       multidimensional approach. It is fundamental to assess the
                       vulnerability degree and the degradation risk of the
                       different urban spaces to find a compact and cohesive city
                       model, which avoids the recent trends towards the
                       inoperative diffuse city model. The present work intends to
                       design this tool to be used as a basis for the decision
                       making in the field of rehabilitation and urban