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000060431 5203_ $$aAutomating the design process of a product or a system can provide engineers and designers with many benefits. As such, repeatable tasks that are time consuming can be handled automatically and with minimal human attention. This is achieved by using the API (Application Programmable Interface) of CAD systems in order to create macros or even develop software applications. The present paper deals with an application that has been developed with the API of a general purposes CAD system. This application automates the design process of a standard pneumatic double acting cylinder based on the appropriate inserted parameters (ISO 15552).The design process begins with the creation of a series of components developed as solids, and extends to the extraction of basic attributes and properties from the complete mechanical assembly. Finally, the assembled models and the extracted data can be used to further study the design of the pneumatic double acting cylinder. It is expected in the future to expand the features of the presented application in order to automate the design process of other related mechanical systems.
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