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Rereading(,) Narrative(,) Identity(,) and Interaction

García Landa, José Angel (

Published in:   INTERCULTURALISM: BETWEEN IDENTITY AND DIVERSITY, ed. Beatriz Penas y Mª Carmen López Sáenz. Berna: Peter Lang, 2006
   pp. 207-226

Abstract: There has been a change in my title since I first began to work on this paper: often enough we only discover what we wanted to say once we have said it - and who we are once we see what we have done. The paper is also about that. I will address the configurational nature of discourse, bringing together a number of distinct topics: (1) rereading, (2) narrative, (3) identity, and (4) interaction. The title should point that way: it also attempts an initial configuration of these terms by partially joining them in a (problematized) sentence: "rereading narrative identity and interaction." We might attempt an initial integration of these disparate terms through tentative comparisons or partial syntheses, by seeing first the elements of our title in terms of one another. For instance, "identity" and "narrative," to begin with, and then "rereading" and "narrative," by examining narrative as a form of rereading.

Language: eng

Knowledge area: Filología inglesa
Department: Filología Inglesa y Alemana


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