Phylogeny, genetic relationships and population structure of five Italian local chicken breeds
Resumen: Number and population size of local chicken breeds in Italy is considered to be critical. Molecular data can be used to provide reliable insight into the diversity of chicken breeds. The first aim of this study was to investigate the maternal genetic origin of five Italian local chicken breeds (Ancona, Livorno, Modenese, Romagnola and Valdarnese bianca) based on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) information. Secondly, the extent of the genetic diversity, population structure and the genetic relationships among these chicken populations, by using 27 microsatellite markers, were assessed. To achieve these targets, a 506 bp fragment of the D-loop region was sequenced in 50 chickens of the five breeds. Eighteen variable sites were observed which defined 12 haplotypes. They were assigned to three clades and two maternal lineages. Results indicated that 90% of the haplotypes are related to clade E, which has been described to originate from the Indian subcontinent. For the microsatellite analysis, 137 individual blood samples from the five Italian breeds were included. A total of 147 alleles were detected at 27 microsatellite loci. The five Italian breeds showed a slightly higher degree of inbreeding (FIS=0.08) than the commercial populations that served as reference. Structure analysis showed a separation of the Italian breeds from the reference populations. A further sub-clustering allowed discriminating among the five different Italian breeds. This research provides insight into population structure, relatedness and variability of the five studied breeds.
Idioma: Inglés
DOI: 10.4081/ijas.2013.e66
Año: 2013
Publicado en: Italian Journal of Animal Science 12, 3 (2013), 410-417
ISSN: 1594-4077

Factor impacto: 0.604 (2013)
Categ. JCR: VETERINARY SCIENCES rank: 92 / 131 = 0.702 (2013) - Q3 - T3
Categ. JCR: AGRICULTURE, DAIRY & ANIMAL SCIENCE rank: 30 / 52 = 0.577 (2013) - Q3 - T2

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