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000061531 245__ $$ad13C and Mg/Ca dripwater response to environmental conditions in the Ortigosa caves (La Rioja, Spain)
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000061531 5203_ $$aRainfall on Ortigosa de Cameros (La Rioja), dripping rate and drip water d13C, and Mg/Ca from the caves, as well as d13C and Mg/Ca from a close river and spring, were monitored during a hydrological year. Dripping rate follows local rainfall, excepting for an autumn delay, due to the drying of the epikarst after summer. The general more slowly response of La Viña Cave is likely due to the thicker vadose zone above the cave. d13C and Mg/Ca patterns are consistent with the dripping rate, showing the dripping autumn delay, related to the water decrease in the epikarst during summer and the subsequent decline of the biological activity. The spring d13C and Mg/Ca minimum values correspond to the rainfall maximum and dripping resume after winter, and are linked to the spring biological activity surge. d13C, similar in dripping caves, river and spring, reflects clearly the general spring humidity and the accompanying biological activity, whereas Mg/Ca values are more variable and more sensitive to the summer drought, delayed to autumn.
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