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000061622 245__ $$aReal Fictions: Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine
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000061622 5203_ $$aRamon Bonavena, in his masterpiece of six volumes, North-Northeast, describes the corner of his desk with an extreme thoroughness. His accuracy is such that just the description of his pencil takes him 29 pages. Lambkin Formento, with a similar eagerness for excessive precision-though applied to another field of work- was the creator of a literary critique he defined as perfect: one that coincides word-for-word with the analyzed poem. In this way, he published a description of The Divine Comedy that exactly matched the original. Nierenstein Souza created books in another manner: assuming the changeable character of oral literature, he decided to stop writing and to devote himself to telling stories. It didn’t matter whether they were good or bad, since the subsequent narrations and time would take care of selecting, improving, and even writing them...
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