Revision de programas de intervención para el tratamiento de la violencia filio-parental. Una guía para la confección de un nuevo programa
Resumen: Violence against parents has experienced an important increase of reports interposed by parents abused by their children in recent years in our country. Actually Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in its report of October 2009, emphasizes that this is the most worrying offence type for its increase both in its incidence and in his recidivism in adolescents. For example, in 2002 there were 3, 433 reports interposed by parents and 7, 611 in 2007. And 76.9% of the professionals involved in caring for children highlighted a significant increase in reports of child-to-parent violence (Romero, Melero, Cánovas y Antolín, 2007). Although perhaps most worrying is that 86.1% of professionals interviewed by Ibabe, Juregizar y Díaz (2007) didn''t have knowledge of specific programs of primary, secondary or tertiary prevention to treat child-to-parent violence. Or, as is clear from the study of Romero et al. (2007), operators in the juvenile justice system said they were incompetent to act effectively on this kind of violence, demanding more training and resources to attend these adolescents. Therefore, after conducting a thorough review of intervention programs, national and international, for abused parents and children abusers and highlighting their deficiencies and effectiveness, we propose a basic guide to make an intervention program in cases of parent abuse.
Idioma: Español
DOI: 10.5944/educxx1.16.1.727
Año: 2013
Publicado en: EDUCACION XX1 16, 1 (2013), 281-304
ISSN: 1139-613X

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