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000063464 245__ $$aCervants' Bellum Iustum in His Narrative Texts
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000063464 5203_ $$aThe aim of this article is to throw light on how Cervantes interprets the doctrine of bellum iustum to punish and to execute the law and why these fundamentáis should be of contemporary interest. The progressive secularization of international society and its transformation into a plurality of sovereign states claiming power within their territory and independence in their relationships from religious or political authorities are seen in Cervantes' narrative texts. The emergence of powerful monarquies led to the final destruction of the universal claims of the Emperor and the Pope in secular (also spiritual) world. Together with the influence of humanism, this led to a gradual 'nationalization' matters of civilian jurisprudence. This study explores the thoughts of theologians and jurists of the School of Salamanca and civil law scholars in Cervantes's thought.
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