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000063563 245__ $$aLinda Grant: An Interview
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000063563 5203_ $$aWriter and journalist Linda Grant was born in Liverpool in 1951.1 The child of Russian and Polish Jewish immigrants, grandchild of Holocaust survivors, she belongs to what might be called the third generation of British-Jewish women authors who, like Jenny Diski and Zina Rohan, among others, “took centre stage” in the British literary panorama during the 1990s (Behlau and Reitz 2004, 12).
Linda Grant read English at the University of York, between 1972 and 1975, and continued with MA and postgraduate studies in Canada. She started her career as a journalist when she returned to Britain in 1985 to work for The Guardian. In 2012 she gained an honorary doctorate from the University of York and she currently lives in North London. Her  rst publication was a non- ction book on feminism entitled Sexing the Millennium: A Political History of the Sexual Revolution (1993) which analysed the cultural changes brought about by the sexual revolution of the 1970s. From the origins of sexual freedom to the backlash against feminism experienced in the 1990s, this book can be read as an optimistic claim for the sexual empowerment of women in order to achieve equality and independence.
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