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000063761 24200 $$aDevelopment of a simulation model for combined Air Drying and Heat Pump Assisted Drying Dystem for Clip Fish
000063761 24500 $$aDevelopment of a simulation model for combined Air Drying and Heat Pump Assisted Drying Dystem for Clip Fish
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000063761 520__ $$aNorway is a major exporter of cod in the world and therefore the cod industry is one of the most important in its economy. This is why an important part of the industry is focused on the treatment and drying of the fish, for optimal preservation of food. This final Master’s Thesis is focused on performing a simulation to calculate and define the parameters that involve the drying process. The parameters in the drying process can be designed and controlled to achieve the best performance of the drying process, so that the final product achieves the desired quality within an economically suitable production. The drying process studied in this work is a combined process of a hot air drier and a hot air source heat pump, so the process can be optimized when the outdoor temperatures are not adequate for the drying. It has been observed throughout the simulations that the optimal parameters for the drying process are high temperatures and low relative humidity of the hot air and high air velocity. These parameters achieve higher drying rates. The values of such parameters are limited according to quality of the product, heat pump and energy requirements, economic aspects, etc. The results of these simulations have been compared to actual experimental work. In addition, an economic study has been made, comparing the studied system with a traditional one.
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