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000064336 245__ $$aThe information and communications technology in higher education: A youtube channel as a resource
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000064336 5203_ $$aThe information technologies and communication (ICT) are part of methodological change in university teaching within the framework of the European Higher Education Area. One of the most used ICT within observational of fitness activity-sports are the video analysis techniques. In this regard, free software and free access program on line are sustainable tool for teaching university. This research to implementing the video analysis technology in physical education for primary education classes, with the objective of improve teaching intervention processes. The creation of a YouTube private cannel, the use of video editors and video download on line, or the use of apps for mobile devices in processes evaluation, they are elements to complete the research. 84.3% of students said that the experience has been useful. 41.2% did not know edit videos and after the experience itself. 85.3% prefer not to perform this kind of task instead written work.
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