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The Chains of Semiosis: Semiotics, Marxism, and the Female Stereotypes in THE MILL ON THE FLOSS

García Landa, José Angel (

Publicado en:
  Papers on Language and Literature
  PLL Vol. 27.1 (1991), pp. 32-50

Resumen: This paper puts forward a theory of literary writing as a practice of ideological transformation. The example analyzed is the representation of the sexes in George Eliot's novel THE MILL ON THE FLOSS, a representation which is intertextually mediated, metafictional, and transformatory, rather than merely "realistic" or spontaneous. This view of writing as a practice of material production in the intertextual field is theorized on the basis of V. N. Voloshinov's (or M. M. Bakhtin's) materialist linguistics, and of Peirce's semiotics, and the methodological kinship of their theories is asserted.

Idioma: Inglés

Área de conocimiento: Filología inglesa
Departamento: Filología Inglesa y Alemana

Palabra(s) clave: literatura ; semiótica ; ideología ; v. n. voloshinov ; c. s. peirce ; george eliot


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