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000070310 5203_ $$aA review of Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP) research over the past years, as seen through the lens of an international, JCR journal like Ibérica, reveals a wealth of interdisciplinary research on academic and professional discourses. This is also reflected in this new issue of Ibérica, which contains eight original research articles and two book reviews that provide rich interdisciplinary insight into LSP. All the contributions illustrate the wide- ranging scope of current research in the field of LSP, as well as the wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches. These various approaches enable us to gain a better grasp of how specific languages work and what functions they perform in real life communication. The eight contributions of this new issue are summed up below.  The issue opens with an invited contribution by ELENA SHELDON, from the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia). Her article, entitled “dialogic spaces of knowledge construction in research article conclusion sections written by english l1, english l2 and spanish l1 writers”, provides a very insightful corpus-based comparison of evaluative resources in academic written discourse in three language variables...
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