author        = "Hernández Bello, Estela and Tomás Aznar, Concepción
      title         = "{Valoración de la disfagia a través del test MECV-V en
                       un grupo de pacientes ingresados con diagnóstico de ACV en
                       el Hospital Clínico Universitario Lozano Blesa, de
      year          = "2016",
      note          = "The presence of dysphagia in patients who hace suffered a
                       troke is considered to be the most frequent complication.
                       Different methods are used for its detection. Some
                       radiological ones like videofluoroscopy, considered to be
                       the gold standard, even though not always accesible owing
                       to the lack of economic and physical resources in health
                       centres. Therefore, “Clinical Bedside Asseessment”
                       methods, as the Volume-Viscosity Test (V-VST) are a good
                       alternative. The objective of this study was to describe 
                       the frequence of dysphagia and the associated factors (age,
                       sex, diagnosis, history of stroke, signs of lack of
                       security, dependence and diet) in patients hospitalised due
                       to stroke in the Neurology Unit (Stroke Unit) of the
                       Hospital Clínico Universitario Lozano Blesa, in Zaragoza,
                       as well as analysing the positive and negative predictive
                       values of the V-VST test during the months February to May