Consumer profile and acceptability of cooked beef steaks with edible and active coating containing oregano and rosemary essential oils
Resumen: Fresh animal products are highly perishable and characterized by a short shelf-life. Edible coatings with natural antioxidants (essential oils: EOs) could improve stability, ensure quality, and increase the shelf-life of fresh products. Due to the strong flavor of EOs, their use should consider consumer preferences and sensory acceptability. This study evaluated the effects of edible coating (with oregano and rosemary essential oil) on beef in relation to consumer preferences, besides the determination of habits of consumption and buying intentions of consumers. Acceptability scores from three clusters of consumers was described. Coating with oregano was the preferred. The higher consumer acceptance and willingness to buy this product indicate a great potential and possibility of using coatings with essential oils in fresh animal products.
Idioma: Inglés
DOI: 10.1016/j.meatsci.2018.04.035
Año: 2018
Publicado en: Meat Science 143 (2018), 153-158
ISSN: 0309-1740

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