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      author       = "Clemente López, Jesús and Rodrigo Gil, Carmen",
      title        = "Políticas activas de la violencia de género",
      month        = "Ago",
      year         = "2012",
      note         = "This essay deals with gender violence and the organizations
                      that help victims as well as with different measures that
                      can be taken in order to facilitate their labor insertion
                      and the financial aid to achieve economics independence. The
                      research is set up by studying and analyzing different laws,
                      essays and magazines. Also, I have interviewed members of
                      different institutions which advise or care for victims of
                      gender violence. All this the data have been collected in
                      Aragon considering different economic aids which have been
                      given. These data come from the Ministry of Labour and
                      Social Affairs, General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and
                      National Institute of Statistic",
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