An interpretative research in the didactic process: critical discourse analysis
Resumen: Roughly speaking, the didactic interaction assumed in any teaching-learning process necessarily needs an internal comprehension and decoding process by the students. Particularly, whenever a teacher develops any teaching process he/she establishes a channel, a code, a system that makes possible communication. In this sense, the language used in the didactic processes is relevant to be analysed as far as it highly contributes to the students’ learning process and enhance to achieve quality and effectiveness. More precisely, the study of language and variety of speech used in education is an area that has aroused great interest and has continued to be studied since the mid twentieth century. In this research we will examine the current theoretical framework and the findings of relevant authors to keep on with the analysis of the language of didactic interaction. Thus, we will restrict our attention to general uses rather than on the analysis of the different linguistic levels. In this paper we will analyse how we use language when teaching, what meanings we convey and how communication is reached in the didactic interaction process.
Idioma: Inglés
DOI: 10.15584/kpe.2019.7.10
Año: 2019
Publicado en: Kultura, Przemiany, Edukacja 7 (2019), 151-159
ISSN: 2300-9888

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