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000009151 1001_ $$aMartínez Bolea, Víctor
000009151 24500 $$aComparison of environmental characteristics and ecological value between technical reclamation and spontaneous succession on post-mining areas in Czech Republic
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000009151 500__ $$aI am Victor Martinez Bolea who studies Environmental Sciences at the University of Zaragoza and I am the author of this project. Víctor Martínez Bolea Email address: 590869@celes.unizar.es This project has been made within interchange program Erasmus; between Polytechnic University College belonging at the University of Zaragoza and Faculty of Environmental Sciences which depends of Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. Idea about this project was conceived during December of 2011, when Ing. Jiří Vojar Ph.D. offered me collaborates with his research group which worked and studied about post-mining areas, ecological restoration and amphibians since 15 years ago. Proposal was presented to the Polytechnic University College and after being accepted, Jose Manuel Nicolau was choosed as speaker. While obviously, Jiří Vojar was designated project´s director. Then, first three months of 2012 was used to learn all necessary about coal mining, ecological restoration and amphibian ecology. Field work was carried out during two first weeks of April. Later, last weeks of April, May and June was done analysis of data and redaction the project. Finally, 6th of July was presented this project.
000009151 520__ $$aDue to decline of coal mining in Europe we found many post-mining areas in which we must carry out ecological restoration. At present, there are two main options; one hand, traditional technical reclamation and, other hand, innovative spontaneous succession. We compare both methods in order to know how environmental characteristics of resultant ponds are in each case. In addition, we analyze habitat preferences of Rana dalmatina under situations with high and poor abundance of clutches. Study area is North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin where we took data; then carry out statistical analysis. We found on spontaneous succesion areas a higher proportion of smaller shallow ponds, with gentle shore slopes, partial insolation of water surface and partial vegetation cover which characteristics are suitable for European amphibians. Also, when abundance of clutches is low the environmental characteristics of ponds as depth, vegetation cover, surrounding environment and status of reclamation are more important than with these levels are high. We conclude ponds on spontaneous succession have more suitable characteristics for amphibians (Rana dalmatina) than does technical reclamation; thus represent a wonderfull potential for nature conservation. Lastly, we want remember that there is a general decline in amphibian abundance so we must try to generate them the better environmental features for this situations.
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000009151 6531_ $$anorth bohemian coal basin
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