author        = "Martínez Bolea, Víctor and Vojar, Jiří",
      title         = "{Comparison of environmental characteristics and
                       ecological value between technical reclamation and
                       spontaneous succession on post-mining areas in Czech
      year          = "2012",
      note          = "I am Victor Martinez Bolea who studies Environmental
                       Sciences at the University of Zaragoza and I am the author
                       of this project. Víctor Martínez Bolea Email address:
                       590869@celes.unizar.es This project has been made within
                       interchange program Erasmus; between Polytechnic University
                       College belonging at the University of Zaragoza and Faculty
                       of Environmental Sciences which depends of Czech University
                       of Life Sciences Prague. Idea about this project was
                       conceived during December of 2011, when Ing. Jiří Vojar
                       Ph.D. offered me collaborates with his research group which
                       worked and studied about post-mining areas, ecological
                       restoration and amphibians since 15 years ago. Proposal was
                       presented to the Polytechnic University College and after
                       being accepted, Jose Manuel Nicolau was choosed as speaker.
                       While obviously, Jiří Vojar was designated project´s
                       director. Then, first three months of 2012 was used to
                       learn all necessary about coal mining, ecological
                       restoration and amphibian ecology. Field work was carried
                       out during two first weeks of April. Later, last weeks of
                       April, May and June was done analysis of data and redaction
                       the project. Finally, 6th of July was presented this