Structure to obtain energy based on worn tyres

Muñío Gay, Miguel
Martínez Gómez, Francisco Javier (dir.)

Universidad de Zaragoza, Escuela de Ingeniería y Arquitectura, 2012
Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica, Área de Ingeniería Mecánica

Ingeniero Técnico Industrial (Esp. Mecánica)

Resumen: The title of the project is called “Structure to obtain energy based on worn tyres”. The purpose of this project is to study and determine the feasible of the worn tyres structure. The main aim is the highest use of wave movement, in order to create energy with a simple structure, based on joined worn tyres with a simple electrical gadget. At first, the structure is made up of a whole of floating tyres joined with steel wires, in order to achieve a high freedom of movement, creating the shape of a raft. Within each tyre is the electrical structure, a series of electrical gadgets with a reel around a magnet. The exploitation of wave movement is achieved with other whole of submerged tyres joining to the structure through a cylinder, which own a magnet in the top allowing the connection with the raft. This last part converts the wave movement into a vertical movement. To sum up, the energy creation is obtained by means of the inexhaustible wave source, developing a vertical magnet movement within steel. A simple exploitation way of natural resources using waste materials.

Tipo de Trabajo Académico: Proyecto Fin de Carrera

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