author        = "García Lozano, Lorena and Tramullas Saz, Jesús",
      title         = "{Herramientas de gestión para la web 2.0: análisis y
      year          = "2012",
      note          = "The peak of 2.0 web has had an impact on librarians and
                       documentalist work, opening new comunication and
                       interaction channel with their users. Attention must be
                       payed to this new channels and occasionally mean a huge
                       information quantity to administer duly. In order to
                       facilitate this task, there are 2.0 web management tools
                       that allow to make this work easier. This paper analyzes
                       four of them making a comparative analysis of their
                       features. For this, an analysis grid has been designed with
                       the ideal features this tools should have. The results show
                       there are important differences between them what takes to
                       choose the tool more suitable for an information centre.",