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000009467 24500 $$aStudy about viability of sectioning a wind turbine blade for easing its transport
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000009467 520__ $$aNowadays the actual development of technologies of information together with the increasing development of third world countries is increasing the energy demand in the world to levels never before known. This has made growth the interest in the technologies of production of energy, especially those which are renewable, like wind energy. Actually, wind technology is one of the most developed and actually growing sectors of renewable energy. One of the ways in which this technology is being improved is through the increase of the rotor of the wind turbines for get more electrical power from the same area. But this fact entails the problem of the transport. Actual means only can transport limited lengths of blades and have limitations in the roads they can move on, being necessary the use of special transports. The purpose of this project is to try to solve this problem by analyzing the possibility of sectioning the blades in two or more parts allowing the use of more common transports.
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