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      author       = "García Ruiz, Pablo and Remacha Fernández, María",
      title        = "La conciliación de la vida familiar y laboral: un reto
                      para el Estado, las organizaciones empresariales y las
      month        = "Mar",
      year         = "2012",
      note         = "This essay tries to show the complexity of the issues
                      regarding the reconciliation between work and family life,
                      and how the State, and also companies and families deal with
                      this problem. The full incorporation of women to the labour
                      market leads to disputes over harmony between work and
                      family. It is necessary to tackle the problem from both
                      government and community levels, in order to find acceptable
                      solutions. Moreover, these measures oblige also companies to
                      provide effective reconciliation resources for employers.
                      However, while many companies are reluctant to provide
                      workers with those resources, others go further than stated
                      by law. This essay looks at how the range of business and
                      public policy respond to the main problems involved in this
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