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000009559 1001_ $$aOliva García, Iván
000009559 24500 $$aEnvironmental monitor for single-event-effects tests
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000009559 520__ $$aThis project focuses on the creation of a data acquisition process using a computer based instrumentation system. Such systems are increasingly present in almost any production process.    In particular, this project will perform the measurement of some environmental variables by using LabVIEW software and remote control techniques.  All electronic components are under the effects of radiation, caused by Cosmic rays when impacting with the upper atmosphere. This radiation can cause errors or malfunctions in electronic devices. These errors are called Single Event Effects. In order to know the strength of the different components to this radiation, and its behaviour, they are tested recreating the same conditions of radioactivity. Is logical that there can be no human personnel present during these experiments, so it is useful to know the environmental conditions of the test room.  Therefore, the main objective of this project will be to develop an environmental variables monitor using a computer-based instrumentation system. According to the context in which has been deployed the system, it is possible to establish a set of requirements: - The system must be developed using computer-based instrumentation techniques. - It must be carried out using the instrumentation software LabVIEW and the data acquisition hardware NI 6221 PCI DAQ Board. - At least two variables, including temperature, must be sensed. - The data measured must be stored into a log file.  - A sort of remote control technique must be developed to allow execution from a remote location.
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