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      author       = "Saz Sánchez, Miguel Ángel and Terán Manrique, Jonatan",
      title        = "Aproximación de la potencialidad productiva de sal en el
                      Territorio Montañoso de la Celtiberia Histórica durante la
                      Edad del Hierro",
      year         = "2012",
      note         = "Despite the essential role of common salt in preindustrial
                      societies, our knowledge about its  production on the
                      Iberian Peninsula is currently deficient. The dominant
                      historiographical  tendency presumes solar evaporation
                      production during the Iron Age. This paper puts forward a
                      series of cartographies on productivity potential in an area
                      of great salt-mining tradition: the Mountainous Territory of
                      Historic Celtiberia. The productivity potential has been
                      obtained based on the multi-criteria analysis and
                      calculations of several variables that influence the
                      production process –geology, insolation, precipitation
                      index, temperature, incline and altitude– during the Iron
                      Age. The analysis of cartographies has shown considerable
                      differences in the productivity potential of the area of
                      study due to differences in climatological conditions.",
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