Optimización de costes y gestión logística en el trabajo de una empresa privada

Lozano Gasca , Jorge Clemente
Gyarmarti, Gábor Géza (dir.)

Pérez Cebolla, Francisco José (ponente)

Universidad de Zaragoza, EINA, 2021
Ingeniería Electrónica y Comunicaciones department, Tecnología Electrónica area

Graduado en Ingeniería de Tecnologías Industriales

Abstract: The approach is based on a case study and is divided into several stages. A study of the
literature, backed up by scientific papers, is presented in the first level. The main objective
was to acquire knowledge, look into research case studies in the same context and analyse
the methodologies used. In the second stage, one describes the procedure and flows of the
materials on the company´s floor. In the third stage, one proceeds with the analysis of
storage product types and characteristics, as well as existing locations and the
identification of the warehouse process. One also analyses the most adequate Lean tools
for the context using key performance indicators, the financial data has been modified
with a correction factor between 1,5 and 2. The fourth stage consists of the conclusions
and problems detected in the enterprise as well as possible solutions.

Tipo de Trabajo Académico: Trabajo Fin de Grado

Creative Commons License

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