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000107000 1001_ $$aLozano Gasca , Jorge Clemente
000107000 24200 $$aCost and management optimization of logistic in the work of a private enterprise
000107000 24500 $$aOptimización de costes y gestión logística en el trabajo de una empresa privada
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000107000 520__ $$aThe approach is based on a case study and is divided into several stages. A study of the <br />literature, backed up by scientific papers, is presented in the first level. The main objective <br />was to acquire knowledge, look into research case studies in the same context and analyse <br />the methodologies used. In the second stage, one describes the procedure and flows of the <br />materials on the company´s floor. In the third stage, one proceeds with the analysis of <br />storage product types and characteristics, as well as existing locations and the <br />identification of the warehouse process. One also analyses the most adequate Lean tools <br />for the context using key performance indicators, the financial data has been modified<br />with a correction factor between 1,5 and 2. The fourth stage consists of the conclusions <br />and problems detected in the enterprise as well as possible solutions.<br /><br />
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