Trauma and Character Formation in Virginia Woolf’s The Waves.

Sancho Morales, Beatriz
Aliaga Lavrijsen, Jessica (dir.) ; Martínez-Kleiser Magaña, Luis Alejandro (dir.)

Universidad de Zaragoza, FFYL, 2021
Filología Inglesa y Alemana department, Filología Inglesa area

Graduado en Estudios Ingleses

Abstract: This essay aims to analyze the role that the concept of trauma plays in the formation of characters in the novel The Waves by the English author Virginia Woolf.
In the first place, it starts from a definition of trauma, seen from a psychological point of view, and it will deal with different theoretical and necessary aspects in order to understand its complexity.
Following, the importance of Virginia Woolf's works in 20th century English literature will be highlighted. In addition, it will be discussed how the concept of trauma was reflected in her novels as an affective representation of her most painful life experiences. To illustrate this idea, the critical essays of various authors will be used.
Furthermore, more details will be specified about the summary and the theme treated in the novel The Waves, giving special importance to the philosophical ideas of epistemology and ontology, and to the literary concept of "stream of consciousness" that is reflected in the entire structure of dialogues in the novel.
In one of the most important chapters of this work, the main characters of The Waves will be described, placing special emphasis on how trauma affects their behavior and their vision of the world.
Finally, a series of conclusions will be established to check whether the objectives of this essay have been fulfilled or not, and a series of bibliographic references will be provided which will serve to deepen the reading of the theoretical literature on this topic.

Tipo de Trabajo Académico: Trabajo Fin de Grado

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