author        = "Aguilar Rodríguez, Ana and Martín-Albo Lucas, José",
      title         = "{Proyecto de Intervención en la Conducta Alimentaria del
                       caso de un niño con TEA}",
      year          = "2013",
      note          = "Resumen disponible también en inglés: Abstract Lunch
                       time can be a source of anxiety and fear for children with
                       Autism Spectrum Disorder and a source of stress for their
                       families. For this reason, a behavioral intervention is
                       being proposed for a real case of disruptive feeding
                       behavior in a child with autism. Beginning from the current
                       literature about interventions in these cases, it would
                       take place in the natural context of home and focuses its
                       action not only on the child but also on the parents.
                       Results are expected to be satisfying, because the
                       intervention has been adapted to the particular case.
                       Keywords: Autism, feeding problems, contingency program.",