Education Recommendations for Inclusive Education from the National Arena in Spain. Less poetry and more facts
Resumen: The transfer of global education policies occurs unevenly across contexts and fails to consider local identity and characteristics. These policy practices are wrapped up in political interests, power relations and ideological implications. Transferring global policies of inclusion in education to national education systems is a relevant example of this. Drawing on empirical data from 39 semi-structured interviews conducted with policymakers and bureaucrats from 17 regions in Spain, this article examines the transfer of UNESCO guidelines for inclusive education in favour of cultural diversity to national contexts. The analysis reveals that policymakers and bureaucrats recognise international guidelines and highlight education policies aimed at promoting access and participation for all in schools, in line with the UNESCO Framework for Action. However, they also consider local traditions based on compensation through policy structures that favour segregation. The analysis suggests that the transfer of international discourses to national contexts wrapped up in political interests, power relations and ideological implications and reinforce structures of inequality.
Idioma: Inglés
Año: 2022
Publicado en: Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies 20, 2 (2022), 275-314
ISSN: 2051-0969

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