Corporate governance in sports organizations: A gendered approach. Final report 2022; 1ª ed.

Esteban Salvador, María Luisa (Coord.) ; Di Cimbrini, Tiziana ; Fernandes, Emilia ; Güngör Göksu, Gonca ; Smith, Charlotte

Servicio de Publicaciones Universidad de Zaragoza Teruel
ISBN: 978-84-18321-53-5

Abstract: The project “Corporate governance in sports organizations: A gendered approach” (hereinafter the GESPORT project) seeks to strengthen equality between men and women in the areas of decision-making in sports organizations in Europe. The project’s primary aim is to improve women’s access to the governing board of all sports federations under Erasmus+ sports actions. In other words, the GESPORT project aims to advance knowledge about female presence in strategic decision-making and, by doing this, contribute to the European policies for enhancing and supporting good governance in sports. Herein we have defined gender in binary terms, as “male” and “female”. However, we recognize that these are ambiguous terms to which not everyone can or wishes to be assigned. Therefore, we reflect more on the issue of non-binary as a social identity and transgender in sport later in the background section of the report following the introduction.

DOI: 10.26754/uz.978-84-18321-53-5

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