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000119820 245__ $$aEditorial: Teaching history in the era of globalization: epistemological and methodological challenges
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000119820 5203_ $$aThe COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need of several changes within the field of History Education. Firstly, the need of a methodological change that integrates active learning methods, digital resources, and emerging technologies in order to attend the non-presential lessons for the students. Secondly, the need of a multicultural approach on teaching history, social, and gender equality moving away from supremacists' dogma. It is necessary for teachers to change their conception of why and for what reasons they teach history. This need has become more acute with the COVID-19 pandemic: fighting vs. hate speeches through argumentation and critical analysis of sources to avoid fake news and to develop a learning perception evidences. This Research Topic is focused both on Primary and Secondary Education, but also on Higher Education, considering History teachers training courses. Particularly, this book focuses to know the development of the skills of active and future History teachers who are trained at programs at universities to bring a profound methodological and content change in the way History is taught...
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