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000121196 245__ $$a'Fragmented and Bewildering:' The New Risk Society in Jenny Offill's Weather
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000121196 5203_ $$aUS author Jenny Offill’s Weather (2020) shows her idiosyncratic take on the notion of risk society. In the novel and its accompanying website, Offill develops a type of anxious fragmentation as an answer to the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A multiple text characterized by compulsive quotation and the formal influence of digital media, Weather is held together by a first-person confessional voice. Eventually, Offill manages to achieve a sense of interconnection through an aesthetics of the fragment thanks to a double movement: she favors a critical posthumanist perspective that understands the interrelational subject as constituted by interaction with multiple others, and she explicitly calls for collective action. Therefore, I conclude that Weather represents Offill’s both aesthetic and political quest, as she distinctly aspires to elicit an answer from readers in the form of social activism.
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