author        = "Pérez Lambán, Fernando and Ruiz Budría, Enrique",
      title         = "{Análisis espacial de entornos de yacimientos de la Edad
                       del Bronce en la Huerva y el Jalón (Depresión del Ebro)}",
      year          = "2013",
      note          = "Abstract: This study presents the analysis of the
                       relations between archaeological sites from the Bronze Age
                       and their environments. The cases studied here belong to
                       the lower courses of the rivers Huerva and Jalon, in the
                       central sector of the Ebro Basin (NE Spain ). The first
                       part of the study presents the modelling procedures of the
                       variables selected for the analysis. This modelling is done
                       in a Geographic Information System generated and managed in
                       ArcGIS and is mainly based on the topography and
                       geomorphology, but with a paleoenvironmental interpretation
                       in some variables. In the second part of the study the
                       values taken from the modelled variables are ana-lyzed by
                       means of multivariate statistics using principal components
                       analysis and grouping (clus-ter). In these statistical
                       analyses, the modelled variables are divided into groups:
                       topographical, geomorphological, soil and risks, control
                       and defence. Finally, it provides a review of the
                       methodology used and the results obtained. Key Words:
                       Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Archaeology,
                       Principal Component Analy-sis, Bronze Age, Ebro Basin.",