author        = "García Remacha, María Celeste and Calvo Carilla, José
      title         = "{Estudio de la revista El Bosque}",
      year          = "2014",
      note          = "Abstract The object of this research is to attempt to
                       recount a history of twentieth-century literature,
                       utilizing books as a sole source of research material,
                       which will lead us to an incomplete work and, therefore, to
                       draw conclusions that lack sufficient credibility. One
                       cannot ignore other sources of information and other
                       publications, such as literary magazines, that end up
                       becoming a very important source, framing a complete view
                       for a literary research. That is the reason why we have
                       chosen to study and research the literary magazine El
                       Bosque “The Forest”  (1992-1996), edited by the
                       Provincial Councils of Zaragoza and Huesca under the
                       direction of Ramón Acín and Javier Barreiro.  The choice
                       of the magazine El Bosque “The Forest” was
                       fundamentally due to the interest in a work in which
                       converge several factors that have been expressed.  1. 
                       Endurance with the passage of time… It is very
                       interesting for its analysis on the absence of the same
                       dates from other literary magazines of the same features
                       published in Aragon with a multidisciplinary initiative to
                       fill a cultural gap.  2. In the majority of the cases, the
                       work procedure and the content try to echo the cultural and
                       artistic movement of the era.  For all of these legitimate
                       reasons we found strong grounds of sufficient weight   to
                       consider that El Bosque’s spirit should persist
                       throughout time. El Bosque was a thoughtfully presented
                       literary and arts magazine promoted and funded  by the
                       Provincial Councils of Zaragoza and Huesca. Published
                       quarterly, a total of twelve issues  collected in eleven
                       volumes were printed during the period  of   March 1992
                       through March 1996, the date on which it definitely
                       disappeared.The headquarters of the magazine was in the
                       building that occupies Zaragoza´s Provincial Council in
                       this city, at the Plaza of Spain, No. 2. It was created to
                       be a showcase of cultural activity in the Aragonese context
                       taking place during that period, but without forgetting the
                       national and international climate.  The magazine was
                       operated jointly by Ramon Acín and Javier Barreiro, with
                       Fernando Sanmartín serving as editor-in-chief and José
                       Luis Acín as leading graphic designer. Our research has
                       focused on the study and analysis of its formation and
                       development, as well as the assessment of its literary
                       sections and the collaborators who contributed with their
                       articles to the creative process of the magazine.",