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000014881 24500 $$aHow English Language is Learned: Learning to Teach
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000014881 520__ $$aMy Masters Dissertation “How English Language is Learned: Learning to Teach” is structured in three different parts. In the first part, there is a deep analysis of the different methodologies to teach English Language during the last years. From this analysis, we can see that the most appropriate form of teaching is through the Communicative Approach. The Common European Framework of Reference and also the Spanish and the Aragonese Curriculum, stand for the use of this approach in the teaching process of the foreign language in Secondary Education. In the second part, there is a detailed analysis and reflection on the knowledge acquired during the Masters through two different projects carried out during the year: the Course Plan in the subject “Diseño curricular de lenguas extranjeras: Inglés” and the Learning Unit in the subject “Diseño, organización y desarrollo de actividades para el aprendizaje de inglés”. Finally, my future proposal is about the necessity of flexibility in Education which is something essential according to my point of view after studying this Masters. It might be essential to keep on working and improving some educational aspects like the curriculum’s flexibility and its adaptation and also making the assessment process flexible. Therefore, the role of the teacher should also be flexible to adapt to his/her students’ needs.
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