author        = "Domingo Martinez, Jose María and Martínez Salinas, Eva",
      title         = "{Estrategias de marca en la empresa: Análisis y
                       comparativa de tres marcas líderes}",
      year          = "2014",
      note          = "ABSTRACT In this paper several aspects around the brand
                       have been chosen and analyzed through a theoretical
                       framework. These aspects are selected due to their
                       representation in the clear and unambiguous consumer’s
                       perception of the Brand. Later, the planning of objectives
                       is carried on, with the choice of three brands,
                       specifically Apple, Google and Coca-Cola. The purpose is to
                       look into which analyzed aspect in the theoretical
                       framework constitutes the key of success for each of the
                       brands, and finding out similarities between the three of
                       the brands with the conclusions already made. The choice of
                       the brands is based in the interest of dealing with leaders
                       in their fields that assumedly proceed with optimal
                       management of the subject. This way, the analysis shows
                       these conclusions: For Apple, innovation and loyalty to the
                       brand are the basic tenets, whereas for Google they are
                       innovation and publicising. For Coca-Cola they would be
                       publicising and fidelity of its consumers. That’s why
                       innovation seems to be the key factor in technological
                       industries, meanwhile brands oriented towards the product,
                       fidelity to the brand appears really relevant. It is also
                       noted that ad-investing and a planned publicity strategy,
                       far from being just a promotion tool, turns into the main
                       competitive weapon of any enterprise in the actual market.
                       After the analysis, it seems evident that no brand is
                       perfect and also the importance of the knowledge of the key
                       aspect in each case, in order to achieve excellence in that
                       particular feature, and never overlooking the rest of the
                       aspects. ",