author        = "Marí Armelles, Rosa Elena and Perpiñán Sánchez, Luis",
      title         = "{La arquitectura como base para la adquisición de
                       conceptos de Expresión Plástica y Visual en Educación
      year          = "2014",
      note          = "Even though learnings coming from Plastic and Visual Arts
                       in Primary Educations are essen-tial for the following
                       stages, nowadays this subject is losing its social prestige
                       due to the poor acquisition of contents in the early ages.
                       This lack of contents acquisition may have the origin in
                       the absence of teacher’s formation, the student’s
                       difficulty to learn some topics, the scarcity of material
                       resources, and the little motivation shown for this subject
                       learning or the bad ex-position of the contents. This
                       report intends to meet a solution towards these shortages,
                       and it tries to present Architecture as a basic tool for
                       the contents acquisition in Plastic and Visual Arts
                       Education. After analysing the actual situation of the
                       matter, there is a didactics experi-ence posed, which is
                       based on architectural drawing, space analysis, building
                       design and con-struction. These dynamical, manipulative and
                       innovative sessions will be the key for the stu-dent’s
                       development and learning of spatial vision, spatial
                       relations, imagination and creativity.",