author        = "Guerín Berné, Laura and Infante Díaz, Jorge",
      title         = "{La Gran Recesión}",
      year          = "2014",
      note          = "Since the mid - late 2007, Spain is immersed in a deep
                       crisis known as the Great Recession. There were two main
                       causes: an external crisis in the United States and an
                       internal crisis due to the economic abuses during the
                       expansionary phase. In the present work is approached the
                       causes, evolution and consequences of this Great Recession,
                       from his origin. Will be influenced in the two economic
                       sectors, construction sector and financial sector, which
                       have had a major importance in the origin of the crisis.
                       Finally, the influence of this great crisis in society is
                       evaluated and some remarks are made about the future.",